Our thoughts on architecture

DRAFT: In Architecture there are a few areas of practice where we can feel that we are actually contributing a positive to our culture and society.

To me the areas are Health Care, Affordable Housing, or Educational Facilities. I chose early on to focus my professional life on Educational Facilities.

Our work has mostly been involved with taking care of things that are already in existence. Here and there we are engaged in the design and construction of a new building.

Recently I have thought more about this work and the question of why?


Because of the long term friendships we develop with Educators. Working with people dedicated to education is a real blast.


To have some influence on creation of spaces for learning - beyond Vitruvius' obvious Firmitas, Utilitas and Venustas.  We try to discover the "most correct" solution any given situation based on feedback from our clients. What makes what we do become "Architecture' is that part of the recipe that we add in the creation of a stage set in which education occurs.

Planting Seeds

We want to help in any way we can our ultimate client -- the Student to succeed in this world. What we do should show respect to the students and it should also show the students the respect they should have for the educational process.