Our thoughts on architecture

Rough Draft: In "The Meaning of Human Existence," E.O. Wilson essentially argues that the technology that society develops is meaningless without the Artist and without the Writer, the actors, the playwrights, the creators of content who provide us with a way to look at ourselves. To look at the human condition and to help us to explain and understand ourselves. As Captain Kirk might say (or Gene Rodenberry)  leaving earth for space is because we are Human and we need to explore. It is who we are. Technology for technology's sake is meaningless. Jane Jacobs in "Dark Age Ahead" argued that America's educational system has become a system of "credentialing'  to the detriment of leaning the humanities, art, and overall liberal studies. Education has become too focused on getting that "piece of paper" as opposed to opening minds to possibilities beyond just knowing how to "do something" .

Look around at "tech companies" in silicon valley and consider how much "tech" involves the creation of art, stories, music and so much more that involves "entertainment" as a basic thing, to expanding the mind in poetic "how are we?" realms.  STEM has ignored and decimated music and drama programs at the k-12 level, with the supposed idea that STEM is the only path forward (mainly to make a strong democratic country). Learning to play a violin, to sing in a choir, to make Artwork by hand, or to Act in a play all require discipline that supports the habits needed in other basic core curricula (RRR), These "soft" arts have to be brought back to the forefront in our schools. Thus we've invented the concept of "SHTEAM" --- in other words "what school was like in the 1960s ...but put on steroids.